July, 2017

To our Ovarian Cancer Orange County Alliance (OCOCA) Members and Supporters:
With profound regret, we must inform you that the Ovarian Cancer Orange County Alliance is
disbanding. After almost 15 years of serving Orange County women, sadly, our working
membership has dwindled and we can no longer move forward with this wonderful organization.
We are strong in spirit, yet poor in numbers.

The dissolution of OCOCA is not an easy process for us. Most of us have been involved
with OCOCA for many, many years and have felt a camaraderie and sense of family that, as
survivors and family and friends, have given us purpose and helped us cope and move forward
during very difficult times in our lives.

The goal of OCOCA has always been to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian
cancer so women with this disease are diagnosed earlier – when there is a much better chance of
survival. To that end, we participated in a wide variety of community events including health
fairs, walk/runs, provided comfort bags to women in treatment, and we developed a Speakers
Bureau presenting talks by survivors to women’s groups, business groups, and medical and
nursing schools throughout the county. We will continue to represent the spirit and stories of our
members through the nationwide program of Survivors Teaching Students under the auspices of
the national ovarian cancer group (ocrfa.org.)

We leave with one last gift to Orange County. Each week during the Ovarian Cancer Awareness
month of September, half page advertisements with the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer
will appear in the Orange County Register. Please share these ads this September with your
loved ones, and know that you are still helping get our message out: Early detection saves lives!

With the help of the many happy memories that have bolstered our spirits and made us proud to
be part of such a wonderful group-- begun almost 15 years ago by a unique group of women who
decided they could make a difference-- and bravely and determinedly succeeded, we look back
with pride at our accomplishments. And, we would like to thank you for helping us to make
those accomplishments possible.

Ovarian Cancer Orange County Alliance


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